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CBD 101: Basics and Beyond

CBD 101: Basics & Beyond

CBD is everywhere now and we are continually seeing and hearing more about it. But what is it really? How does it work? Is it safe? Will I get “high”? Is this just another health fad featuring supplements?

Many of us have heard the most miraculous of stories of cannabis helping children with extreme seizures and even curing cancer. And while these stories are certainly intriguing and should warrant our attention, we should also approach such instant-industries with caution. There is plenty of precedence of crazes and fads in healthcare that eventually fade away as quickly as they popped up. However, CBD seems to be unique, not just in its growing anecdotal accounts, but by the tens of thousands of peer-reviewed clinical studies that are backing its myriad medicinal benefits. These studies are expanding and deepening to help us understand the actual medicinal properties of this long-tabooed plant. CBD and cannabis look like they are here to stay, we need to know more.

Join us at The Hope Center of Missoula with Certified Cannabis Caregiver Kim Bostrom who will answer these questions and more. Kim will help us explore our questions and help us navigate the profit-driven supplement market. Not all CBD products are created equally and many of the products we see are unregulated. Kim will help us to understand the basic differences between the “good” certified CBD products and how to use them safely and effectively.


Monthly on the first Saturday from 3-4PM


2145 South Avenue West
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